Antony Flew’s Hot Selling Bogus Book exposed by Carrier

“As also reported by the Associated Press years ago, I’m well known for my correspondence with Flew on the matter of his conversion from weak atheism to strong Deism, and anyone who wants the full story about that can read my article on the subject (which has numerous subsequent updates appended to it): Antony Flew Considers God…Sort Of (2004). Now, after reading “Flew’s” new book, I was appalled at how badly argued it was, and how obviously it was not written in his style or idiom, but in that of contemporary Christian apologetics (like someone attempting a poor imitation of the style and approach of a Lee Strobel or Gary Habermas). Moreover, from crucial omissions (and distortions of history) it was clear the author could not have been Flew. Unless Flew had gone completely insane.

But I was certain another author was to blame, and not lunacy. And now my suspicions have been confirmed. This book is being promoted as “former atheist” Antony Flew’s “long awaited” explanation of why he converted, but it is now known that Flew did not write any of it, and in fact recalls almost none of its contents. Indeed, Flew openly confessed to Oppenheimer that he didn’t write a word of it. Oppenheimer also confirmed that Flew apparently knows (or remembers) little of its contents and almost none of the authors or works cited in it, despite the publisher’s assurance that he signed off on it (though as Oppenheimer reports, even his publisher confesses doubts about Flew’s ability to remember essential details, and it seems evident now that Flew’s failing memory is clinically serious).” – Richard Carrier

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