ChristMyAss Celebrations!

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RRS Webcam Room

We’re giving Christians a free public service announcement all day on Christmas day andstarting on Christmas Eve (we’re anxious to give gifts of reality!)…

ChristMyAss! Day!

Atheist appeasers and Christians meet Shalini, your philosophical superior who will be in the RRS webcam room all day Christmas to answer your charges! Christians will receive free burden of proof presents, and hopeful messages of reality reminding them that their God couldn’t possibly exist. Enjoy Saturnalia the traditional way steal it and use it for your own gain! Unlike the Christians, we won’t be murdering you for 1400 years after we claim the day for ourselves! Join us on newly named ChristMyAss! day! The newest holiday built on a message of reality… the Christian god never existed, never could exist, and is merely stolen (ironically) by dozens of other religions that predate it!

Happy ChristMyAss everyone! Where we won’t send you to an eternity of torture (or back down from our views for that matter), because we actually do give a crap about you.

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