Trying to Collect my Scattered Thoughts

An amusing development is the three (?) threads about our ads at Democratic Underground. Unfortunately, two have been archived and one is in a donors only section, so I wasn’t able to invite them over here for a nice healthy debate on the definition of pornography, the objectification of women, and maintaining rational and effective marketing. No matter what our individual desires or wishes are concerning the more…primitive… parts of our brain, I feel that in order to achieve our goals as a group, it would behoove us to work with those inclinations rather than against them. Statistics support that theory, and I would even argue that part of our success would fall into that category as well. (Not trying to sound conceited–just saying…) Of course, most of you already know this since it has already been beaten to death on the forums.

The other amusing thing is that Laura Ingraham, who had Brian on her show last year and was absolutely, insanely, mortifyingly rude and dishonest, has a new piece of sh…oops…book out and talks about Brian and us godless heathens for about three pages. (p. 294-6) I don’t think she realizes that she manages to acheive the elusive self-pwn in the transcript of the small parts of the interview during which Brian’s mic wasn’t muted. She says, “I believe love comes from God…” and Brian responds with a much more plausible scenario–that it is a combination of natural selection and societal pressure, essentially–and she goes on to say, “Why do we have Good Samaritans?” (p. 296) Hey Laura, try opening that bible some day! The whole point of that parable was that the only person who stopped to help the man who had been robbed and beaten was not only a heathen, but an enemy of the man that he helped. The moral of the story is that the Samaritan was a good person despite all of that, and that claiming an affiliation with a particular religion does not make you a paragon of virtue. I still stand by the name she was given from that day–which isn’t really suitable for reprint here. (F.S.C. *Lolz*)

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