Visit my post at RRS about the Fort Hood shooting

Religion creates another atrocity, god is great, eh? Listen Muslims and Christians… stop the fighting. You’re both wrong, it’s time to act like rational grown-ups and throw off your archaic belief system, you are destroying civilization, and will continue to do so until we’re gone. Abandon your superstitious nonsense, and evolve already! Ask yourself, what solid proof to you have to believe in your God. If what you have is a holy book, remind yourself that hundreds of holy books exist for hundreds of gods, and you don’t believe in any of them, so obviously a holy book is not sufficient proof.

Throw off your superstitious nonsense, and embrace things you know exist like humans for example. Make no mistake, today millions of folks around the world who have no belief in a god are sad for the people who were affected by this needless loss of life, just as we’ve been sad about all the other atrocities committed in the name of religion throughout the ages. Our thoughts are with the billions who have been negatively affected by religion since the dawn of time, and always are. In fact my life is dedicated to ensuring these sorts of things don’t continue to happen, you can start by breaking the cycle… throw religion off today!