Fatherly wisdom post Trump election

Parents are having a difficult time putting Trump’s Presidency in perspective.  I’m a father to a student at University, and this is what I sent.

Post election fatherly words of wisdom, trying to make some sense of it all…

On social issues:  There will be some people that will feel that their intolerant views have been given a safe haven because of the example Trump sets. Don’t get pulled down into the pit, including being intolerant of the intolerant. You should continue to be the person you want to see in the world.

Remember that the intolerant are either mentally ill, less educated, or brainwashed. In all of those instances, they warrant our help. And since some are mentally ill, always remember that some will be unreachable.  It becomes more important than before to stand up for discriminated groups. Continue the work you started on, white men have a lot of power when speaking up for all other shades.

On the economy: many things will become different than the last 8 years. Some good, some bad. Learn to adapt to the changes in the world, as the world will always be changing. Continue your school grind, it will assure your future success. You may have foreign friends that express fear to the changes, especially in regards to your sector… continue to be as compassionate as always. Those friends may give you a great job and help you relocate to their country someday.

On Earth:  Further expand your knowledge on climate change.  Trump’s policies will set us back on carbon emission reductions.  Understand this issue well, understand the timeline of our future. I don’t want to alarm you, but be alarmed. I know you don’t plan on having kids, but if we don’t make big changes here, it’ll soon become immoral to do so.  Your education on this issue gives you a chance to do the right thing for you, but also possibly to help solve it for others.

On the Presidency: Think freely. Allow yourself the chance to be pleasantly surprised by his 4 years as President, but don’t expect it. The good news on multiple fronts is that the last few days have shown he’s not as extreme as his white nationalist fans wanted him to be. If he let’s them down, he won’t be re-elected and society wins bigly.

There are some that believe the next 4 years will prove that going forward we’ll all want a more progressive government. If that’s true, we may be better off in the long run.

The glass has some water in it, not sure about halfway, but there’s some water there.

I love you, I’ll always have your back, and with you kicking ass at school,  you control your destiny as much as possible on this beautiful rock we get to inhabit.

– Dad