Gun Reform candidate needs help overcoming GOP lies

I’ve been trying to get a well known gun reform activist to tweet/RT about Daryl Boling, an amazing Democratic candidate that seeks gun reform and has been speaking out in alignment with the positions of the March For Our Lives Movement.  

Here is Daryl’s campaign page on gun reform.

Here is an op-ed he wrote which is in total alignment with the goals of March For Our Lives.

Gun Violence Protection from Daryl Boling.

Recently Republicans spent a lot of money to send two mailers to every resident in Daryl Boling’s district to say that Daryl wants to raise taxes on the middle class.  In actuality Daryl wants to lower taxes on the middle class and the source that the GOP provides, proves this. Their dirty dishonest tactics might keep a pro-NRA candidate in office and keep the gun reform candidate out.  

Daryl’s campaign would like to raise just a few thousand dollars for a digital ad spend. A tweet (or retweet) from activists would go a long way in helping him raise funds.

These would be the best things to tweet or retweet:


Can you please help?


Brian Sapient

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