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Christian blogger gives nod to RRS “debate” victory.

After watching the debate a few times online, it’s clear that the Rational Response Squad claimed the victory. Way of the Master had promised before the debate that they could prove the existence of God in thirteen minutes, without using faith or the Bible. Sadly, within just a few minutes they had utterly broken their promise. Now, I don’t claim to be able to prove that God exists any better than Comfort and Cameron. I can’t even say that I would have done better in their places.

From the verge.

Here are two very relevant videos:
1. The highlights from the Cameron/Comfort/RRS “debate.” (it was more like a “response” not a “debate”)
2. Re-cap about WOTM after shit hit the fan.

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People leaving religion in droves

From Economist

According to figures compiled by the American Religious Identification
Survey (ARIS), almost 30m people claimed “no religion” in 2001, a
doubling from 1991. This dwarfs America’s 2.8m who describe themselves
as Jews according to the same survey (although other estimates suggest
that the Jewish population is much larger, at about 6m). Catholicism,
the country’s largest Christian denomination, boasts 51m followers.

If atheists, agnostics and secularists could polish their image they
might prove powerful, and increasingly so. If the number of people
declaring “no religion” can double over the ten years to 2001 who know
how many more there are now or might be in years to come. Polls have
shown that eight years of Mr Bush’s mix of piety, divisiveness and
incompetence have pushed young people towards the secular in higher
numbers than before.

There are many who believe the battle against dogma is not winnable. Not only is it winnable, but it will be won, and it’s being won.

Keep Strong,

Rational Response Squad

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Blaspemy Challenge in NY Times as 4th Tribe of Youtube

Source: NY Times

Curiously, the religious group that makes the most imaginative and despotic use of YouTube are atheists. The Rational Response Squad, a furtive organization devoted to curing theism, has challenged YouTubers to post videos of themselves denying the existence of the Holy Spirit and thereby — in the group’s reading of Mark 3:29 — damn themselves for eternity.

More than 1,200 people have posted blasphemy videos as of this writing. In each one, a single person speaks the line, “I deny the Holy Spirit.” Sometimes he or she adds more: a name, a speech, a further denial of Easter Bunny-like entities.

Some blasphemers are jaunty, some are insolent, some are scary, some are nervous. But all of them (young and old, mostly English-speakers, but with a range of accents and ethnicities) seem to believe they are making a statement of some gravitas — issuing a reproof to doctrine, possibly risking their salvation. On the face of each participant is both a wonderful purity of purpose — the mandate is so simple, the one-line script so unforgettable — and a clear vulnerability.

Will anyone regret taking the so-called Blasphemy Challenge? If so, can they retract their videos?

While we appreciate the most “imaginative” title, we would like the record to reflect that atheism is not a religion, nor are we a religious group. The fact that such a stupid remark could get past the editor of the NY Times is a reflection on just how far we have to go.

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Revolutionary new video sharing site from Rational Response Squad (atheism)

The Rational Response Squad has recently unveiled an affiliation with magnify. The new website will be the largest compendium of freethinking videos in the world. The new website seems like one that could really take off. The layouts, commenting, and features seem to work excellent. They’ve got a superior business model over other video sites, and a pop culture well designed interface. This project will help spotlight some of the better freethought and science material out there.

Should you want to be a content contributor for our, create a new account on that site. You will be able to create a new site that is a subdirectory of ours and will be able to generate your own revenue. The password on that site is not the same as your RRS account. Any question you might have about this service is likely answered in the magnify faq.

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Kelly and Sapient fashion show commercial

On this new blog you are able to upload revver videos as responses. I’ll be using this often to give you a chance to have your say on my revver videos. Although I’m not sure if this is the format I will present them. I prefer revver over youtube because their management is competent.

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