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Cory Tucholski: Honest Christian of the day

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A special shout out to the honest Christian of the day…

Josiah Concept Ministries

I don’t want this to turn into an anti-Frank Walton ministry, but I thought that I would offer up one more post on why his “ministry” is not a Christian one.

First, the new poll on the side. He asks for the best word to describe Brian Sapient. The choices are less than Christian ways to describe any individual.

While Sapient and I disagree ideologically, a small part of me wishes that I had the ability to devote my life full-time to my writing and ministry. Sapient has the opportunity to do that, and he seems very driven at his activism. I suppose, therefore, the word I would choose to best describe Sapient is “driven.” I think it fits better than the choices that Frank has offered up.

Cory Tucholski of gets my honest Christian of the day badge. While at the root I feel one must at the bare minimum lie to themselves in order to believe in a god, I don’t think all Christians are liars… or stupid for that matter. Rumors have been spread, I look forward to a day in court (count on it atheist crowd, I’ll take care of it for you). It can be hard to admit when your ally is also your enemy, especially when you feel like you need more good help. Cory is honest enough to admit that Frank is not someone who should be representing. It would seem instead that Frank Walton embodies the stereotype of the immoral Christian who would lie and cheat for Jesus.

Kudos to you Cory. I look forward to a day when we can have you on the show. Preferably at some point after you start approving our blog comments on your blog. You can have a free pass on that one tonight considering the circumstances.* Conversation with Christians that have a propensity to be honest when pushed to the edge are exactly the type of people I enjoy talking with, people I think I have a chance to make a difference with. Most Christians embrace the notion of faith and dogma so close, that they are simply unable to be honest in discussions about God.

* update: Cory didn’t realize he was losing comments.  He claims to never have deleted the comment or two we’ve posted which never made it to his blog.  He posted our comments tonight.