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The most viewed posts of 2007 on RationalResponders website

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We started tracking pageviews semi-reliably on May 31st of this
year. Users that have noscript were not counted. Noscript users account
for about 5-10% of our users. The following pages are some of our most
viewed pages of ’07. If you have yet to see these pages, check them
out. Most of them got big because they are on sites like Reddit, Digg,
and Stumbleupon. If you visit the pages, please bump them up on those
social networks if you have yet to do so.

39,274 views —- CHRISTIAN POWNAGE 101 Kudos to Rich! We attained as a result.
26,391 views —- Response to Dr. Roger Olson
21,974 views —- Still Don’t Think that Theism is a Mental Disorder?
20,079 views —- RRS Webcam Room
13,594 views —- Our Team
12,772 views —- News story from Belgium that further demonstrates the idiocy of Islam
10,541 views —- Purchase Shows
9,816 views —- The official RRS defeats Way of the Master thread
9,724 views —- How many did God kill vs Satan?
7,097 views —- Kent Hovind Creation Science Evangelism Ministries Videos
6,753 views —- Why are Atheists So Angry?
6,380 views —- Am I agnostic or atheist?
6,326 views —- what faith you
5,715 views —- James Randi Debunking the Paranormal
5,486 views —- So…religion is harmless, huh?
5,000 views —- Kelly and Sapient strip for shirt sales…


Some of our favorite posts that didn’t make the top posts of the year category, but are close behind.

3,547 views —- D’Souza – Nothing to Refute Here
3,031 views —- The Infallible Pope Benedict Releases Bigoted Encyclical Vilifying Atheism
2,852 views —- A Response to the American People…
2,780 views —- The only Frank Walton post you will ever need to read
2,377 views —- Atheist Divisiveness and Dogmatism

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