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Austin Atheists helping the homeless

I must’ve heard the words “an atheist can do no good” hundreds of times in the last few years.  It must be so hard to imagine how atheists can do good without the upstanding moral code imparted to us in the Bible or the Quran.  Sure I wouldn’t sell my daughter into slavery, or kill a man simply for being gay, but I can do other good things instead. 

I’m proud to donate clothes to Goodwill and give money to charity.  But I take a bigger sense of pride in atheist volunteers which was created to unite and showcase acts of goodness by the men in black who apparently can do no good.  Well the door to that argument is being shut more and more everyday as atheists aren’t as scared as they once were to show their face (we have religion to thank for our original fear).  We used to do acts of kindness simply because we liked doing acts of kindness.  But after being accused so often of being no-do-gooders some of us decided to show off what we’ve been doing all our lives while letting others know we don’t believe in a god.  We believe good deeds are the work of men.  If good deeds are the works of god, well certainly bad deeds are as well.

I’m particularly excited about the recent developments in Austin with Texas American Atheist President Joe Zamecki at the helm.  He and his crew have been hitting the streets to hand out supply packages to the homeless.  Some interesting video has been shot along the way.  It’s interesting to hear how often the homeless use the name Jesus or God in a positive manner while receiving free goods from a non-believer.  You’ll have to check it out for yourself.  Details of the Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless are here

Thanks Joe, you’re a blessing from your mom and dad!