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Americans Together #TheResistance

Once again we find ourselves standing at the precipice looking over the field of battle. Facing not a foreign foe, but the sinister evil of seditious tyranny enveloping the halls of government. This foe is no less destructive to democracy here and the world as a whole than any threat ever faced. We’ve lost many of the battles so far brandished by the shadow forces that lurk behind the scene, wielding powerful weapons of corruption and deceit. As we stand on the brink, all is not lost.

We have stood here before, again and again, but have rallied to the cause, our cause, against dark forces attempting to enslave the masses breaking the chains of servitude to restore the natural balance of our government, of the people, for the people, and by the people. We gather our great strength, standing on the backs of our ancestral giants who stood as we do today on the brink.

Washington, stood there, burning, to forge this noble government on the frigid shores that Christmas day, he didn’t rally the troops with the cry, “for the aristocrats” as he boarded the boats, flag waving, to face the enemy but cried “liberty for all”. When Francis Scott key wrote his famous poem as we stood on the brink in 1812 for the defense of Fort Mchenry he wrote “and the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave /// o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!” he wasn’t writing about a land oppressed by the rich.

When Lincoln stood on the brink of disaster at Gettysburg, he immortalized the cause, on the field covered in blood with the creed from our Constitution, of a government, “of the people, for the people, by the people, should not perish from this earth!” he was not calling on the thousands who perished in defense of this nation so the elite few, would prosper or control the government.

When your fathers and mothers across this nation, when standing on the brink, answered the call, storming and dying on the beaches of Normandy, did so that our democracy would still bloom, giving all her citizens an equal chance, equal justice and equal voice in our government. They did not rally on those bloody sands crying, for the Koch’s, the Walton’s, or the Rothschild’s, but cried en masse, for our country, for our people, for our friends and neighbors, for our families, this, and only this, is what our forefathers sacrificed so much for!

When the towers fell and we stood again on the brink, our sons and daughters took up the flag fighting to save democracy, not for the mega rich to hoard more and more of Americas prosperity, earned by all who worked so hard, but for all Americans. Will we forsake them now, as we stand again on the brink, of losing our democracy of the people? Or, will we rally to the defense of our nation, and restore our sacred creed by removing the stain of sedition represented in the abomination of citizens united, that subverts, all that Americans stand for?

Now is the time to pick the side of history you want to be remembered for. Do you hear the cries of the oppressed?

I, as a proud American, stand with the people, all the people, and will come to answer the call,
voting your conscience as real Americans, for those that truly represent you, restoring common sense, decency, fairness and equal justice for all and not the selfish few.
as we did in Lexington 1776
we’re standing strong together,
against right-wing tyranny again!
Vote 2018.
Stop all right-wing fascists.
Never stop fighting for justice.

by: David Quinlan