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Assist protesters in DC – lives on hold to save America

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We’re asking you to do whatever you can to mobilize, encourage and inspire people to get in the streets and to stay in the streets – today, tomorrow and in the days ahead. Not to engage in symbolic protest but to prevent this fascist regime from ruling.

Share this short statement wherever you can:

“Your financial support right now is essential. Refuse Fascism will be staying in the streets over the next days, aiming to push in every w

ay they can to call forward the millions who don’t want to live in a fascist America – aiming to prevent this regime from consolidating power. They’ve been covered all over the media, and you can get a feel for their presence in the streets at

People have put their lives on hold, caravaning across the country, getting on buses, printing posters and hundreds of thousands of copies of the statement below. Make a generous contribution today to make all this possible.”