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Sean Spicer lied about Inauguration for Drumpf

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I’d say Trump has a very small penis, but his dysfunction is much more focused around his mental illnesses.  Sean Spicer is his paid liar and read a long tweet today out loud on behalf of Trump.  Today for example he said “We know that 420,000 people used the DC metro transit (during Inauguration) which actually compares to 317,000 that used it for Obama’s last Inaugural.”  He is not making a fair comparison likely comparing full day to a half day.  Here are the real numbers:

DC Metro Ridership by 11 am on past four inauguration days:

2017: 193,000
2013: 317,000
2009: 513,000
2005: 197,000

Bus parking permits sought in DC

Trump Inauguration: 393
Womens March: 1,200
Obama Inauguration: 3,000

H/T Cal Perry on MSNBC

Here’s how I see it going recently:

Sean Spicer: Now that your President, I don’t think you should tweet as much often.

Trump: I’m gonna tweet, I have to tell people about the lying media.

Sean Spicer: I’ll do that.  You just tell me what you want me to say.

Trump: Ok well just tell everyone I’m more important than everyone thinks I am, and make sure to yell at anyone that doesn’t agree.  I’ll write a tweet and you tell it to people.

Sean Spicer: Ok, it’ll need to be longer than a tweet if I make a statement on it from the briefing room.

Trump: I know all the words, all the best words, but you add bigly words and yell it at the media.

Sean Spicer: Deal.