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Climate Strike fundraiser

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I’m currently doing a fundraiser on twitter in which I’ll contribute $1 to Climeworks for every new follower I get as well as RT/Like I get on this post

Please retweet the posts on twitter, but if you’d like to see the individual tweets, here they are in a more blog friendly format.


So how do we solve ClimateChange? As Greta Thunberg has suggested, we must all understand the climate crisis, it’s causes, and how our actions increase global warming. For detailed scientific analysis, read the IPCC report.

There’s great movies that explain climate change:

HBO: Ice on Fire

Amazon: Inconvenient Sequel

Youtube: Watch Paris to Pittsburgh free

Years of Living Dangerously is also free on Youtube

Netflix: “Before the Flood”

You might’ve heard that you can buy carbon offsets to lower your carbon footprint however a recent article by Lisa Song makes the case that many of these projects are not effective at their stated goals.

The most certain action to slow climate change is to reduce emissions!

We must vote for people that support renewable energy and putting a price on carbon but we must also take action ourselves. It’s up to all of us to individually lower our carbon footprint. There’s many things you can do, check out this Google search on how to lower your carbon footprint.

The biggest impacts you can have on your own carbon footprint (in order):

– have less children

– Use renewable energy

– Stop traveling by air

– Convert to an electric vehicle (or walk/bike)

– Eat plant based diet

We might’ve already passed the tipping point, which is why I’m donating to Climeworks to remove carbon from the atmosphere. We need to reverse climate change. Parts of the Earth will soon be unlivable and having children isn’t the best idea, some would argue it’s immoral. Young climate activists are refusing to have children until we can guarantee them a livable world.

To help slow global warming and aid in your own ability to live your life without becoming another casualty of climate change you should ensure you’re using renewable energy. Here’s a short guide on how to switch to renewables.  Sometimes it’s as easy as a call to your power provider.

You might not even know that some solar power providers will put solar panels on your roof for free and then you pay for the electricity over 20 yrs. The biggest solar providers you should look into are Sunrun, VivintSolar, Tesla, & SunPower. You can also buy their stock!

Short range electric planes aren’t far off, but until you can fly on one, stop all air travel! Flying has a huge climate impact! Think of all the money you’ll save when you vacation by car!

Take the no fly pledge.

Think of all of the amazing places within a 1 day drive of your home. Instead of flying for vacation, challenge yourself to visit places within a 1 day drive of your home. With a few people in the car the #climate impact is much lower. This also helps your local economy!

Purchase an electric vehicle! EVs are 4-10 times more efficient than gas cars but for the biggest climate action you’ll want to power it with renewable energy. Electric car’s are also very advanced and safer than any older car. That will help you justify the upgrade. Not only is an EV faster, more fun to drive, and will save humanity from extinction… you’ll be safer!

If you can walk/bike for most of your transport, that’s a huge help to slowing global warming. Adopting a local plant based diet is another great climate action! Red meat has a very high carbon footprint

Watch Cowspiracy on Netflix or check out the facts about meat.

Having a hard time leaving meat behind? Have you tried Trader Joes Soy Chorizo? How about the Beyond Burger or Impossible Burger? Try reducing the amount of meat you eat, or lower the carbon footprint by choosing tuna/chicken instead of beef/lamb/pork.

My campaign supports Climeworks because I know they’ll sequester CO2 permanently. We must support Direct Air Capture technology to drive costs down and make it affordable for others. Follow me then RT/Like the first post of this thread and I’ll give $1 for the carbon capture. 

Another carbon capture company Carbon Engineering pulls CO2 from the air to make fuel with the carbon that is already in our atmosphere. This private company was funded by Bill Gates, Chevron, Oxy, and BHP. It caters to industry right now, but as you can see there is some hope.

We’re on the verge of an unlivable Earth because fossil fuel bribes lined the pockets of politicians and they paid commentators to deliver lies to the public. A few greedy people put the entirety of humanity at risk for their short term financial gain.

One way for you to get immediate payback is to ensure you’re not financially invested in any fossil fuel companies. Besides, from an investment standpoint, these companies are done, unsafe, and overpriced due to stranded assets.  Divest from fossil fuels.

To hold a diversified stock portfolio of strong companies without owning fossil fuels you need only own two ETF’s: ESGV and VSGX. As a bonus, you wont own any guns or weapons of war in these funds! I specialize in divestment so if you have questions just ask.


Take your climate action activism a step further & buy etf’s that invest in cleanenergy companies. These are good investments & by purchasing renewable energy stocks you’re keeping climate change companies afloat.

See these ETF’s: ICLN, PBW, TAN, FAN, PZD and see more here.

I manage a private clean energy fund and am always willing to list my top ranked renewable energy stocks. If you’d like to own individual climate change stocks, here’s the top of the list right now in order:


Please join me in purchasing carbon offsets from Climeworks. Recognize that you’re a pioneer helping to bring costs down. Your purchase will sequester CO2 permanently!


Thanks so much for promoting this thread. I’m just doing my small part to save life on Earth. I think about you and everyone you love as I do this. I hope I’ve inspired you to take climate action.