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Uniting Atheists and Theists: Join the new RRS Facebook Group Today!

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Hey there, truth-seekers! 

Introducing our groundbreaking Facebook group where atheists and theists collide in a clash of ideas and perspectives. If you’d like to help theists see the untenable nature of theistic beliefs, then this is the community for you.

We’re all about fostering respectful discussions while dismantling irrationality.

Atheists: share content that exposes the flaws in theistic belief and help theists reconsider their deeply ingrained ideas.

Theists: defend your beliefs if you dare, but be prepared to embrace the nuggets of science and critical thinking that challenge the very foundation of your worldview.

In this community, we break down barriers, challenge assumptions, and celebrate the power of rationality. Join us now and let your voice be heard in the quest for truth!

Join us here: