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Living in reality

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When I was a child indoctrinated into the Christian cult and surrounded by other children who enjoyed make-believe, I often believed that the various sounds a house makes were connected to the spirit realm.

During my college years, I delved into extensive research. As I educated myself and began to realize the lack of proof for anything paranormal, I found no compelling reason to accept it as reality. This realization shifted my perspective making it easier to view things more logically.

It has taken years to fully overcome the mindset of a child seeking a fantastical explanation while living in a household with a mother who rarely said anything scientific. However, the longer I dwelled in a world where I reasonably expected the sounds in my house to have natural origins, the easier it became. Throughout this journey, I’ve learned a great deal about the various sounds a house can produce. It’s empowering to hear a creak in the attic and understand that it’s due to the daily expansion from heat or nighttime contraction as the sun sets. This applies to dozens of other noises I hear in my house. There is always a logical explanation, and I’ve always been able to find it.

In a way, I’ve become the superhero of my own story. While others are entangled in unfounded, untenable, and unprovable ideas involving spirits or apparitions, I’ve harnessed the superpower of science, logic, and reason to deduce testable and rational explanations.

I wish this superpower for everyone. 

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