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An open letter to theists

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Theistic belief is pollution of the mind. It’s a concept that stifles the soaring wings of freethought, weighing it down with unverifiable dogmas and ridiculous tales. This pollution consistently conflicts with the beacon of human progress: science and the unforgiving yardstick of reality. It’s not merely an intellectual misstep; it’s a theft of the one and only life we know we get. Every moment spent in the embrace of theism is a moment lost, replaced with a fleeting illusion that offers no real answers, only the allure of a false story that they tell you is comforting.

If you embrace this mind pollution, I implore you to let go of the crutch of unfounded beliefs, and embrace a fact-based life illuminated by evidence, science, logic, and reason. The journey towards a life free from the shackles of theism is liberating, a path where the light of human curiosity illuminates the way.

As you leave behind the veils of dogma, you’ll discover a world rich with awe and wonder, powered by the boundless beauty of scientific understanding. Our minds can be vessels for knowledge, our beliefs grounded in the solid rock of evidence, and our lives enriched by reality. This group is here to help you cast off the shadows of theism, celebrating the beauty of the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and the profound mysteries of existence, all without the need for supernatural narratives. It’s a journey towards enlightenment, a path of clarity and an exploration of the profound wonders that emerge when we unshackle our minds and embark on a voyage guided by the stars of evidence and reason.

What questions would you want answered in order to abandon the bronze age myth that you currently cling to? Please join us on Facebook here and ask away!

We’re here to help. The pollution can make it hard to open yourself up to reality. Just let us know how we can lend a hand, tell us what is blocking your pathway to reality and take that first step by attempting to push the smoky clutter out of the way. The atheists have air purifiers, we made them with science. ?