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Evolution Misconceptions: A Rational Response

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Today I’ll provide a rational response to Minivuzo Kpuomonu. They’re currently posting the following statement in atheist groups predicated on their lack of scientific understanding.

Evolution is fake, Show me atheist groups who evolved if evolution is scientific.
So many millions of dollars has been spent trying to prove evolution, but no one, including atheists agreed to evolve. and no no video clips of people evolving since 4.6 billion years.
That’s why everyone on earth has birth certificate to prove sexual reproduction and no evolution certificate to prove evolution.
Evolution failed scientific method, no one can show you anyone or family who evolved.
Evolutionists and atheists who supports it it are story tellers, no video clips to prove it, but endless articles.
Rational response:

This entire line of thought is a misunderstanding of evolution, likely due to the inherent bias of a religious mind to avoid reality. Evolution is a slow process that takes place over many generations, across millions of years.

No one “agrees to evolve,” because evolution isn’t a matter of choice. It’s a natural process backed by scientific evidence, observable in the genetic changes in populations over time. The fossil record provides a clear timeline of gradual changes in species, and modern genetics shows us the actual changes in DNA that underlie evolution.

However, we do witness evidence of evolution in action all of the time. For example, let’s look at the flu virus. It evolves so quickly that we need a new vaccine every year to combat it effectively. This rapid change is due to the virus’s high mutation rate, which is a form of genetic evolution. As it replicates, small genetic changes occur, and those changes that improve its ability to spread become more common in the virus population—a process known as natural selection. This is why previous year’s vaccines often become less effective; the virus has evolved. It’s a direct, observable example of evolution happening over a short time frame that we can all relate to.

Regarding your specific claim that “no video clips to prove” evolution:
 – Watch a video about virus evolution here.
 – Read the research paper about virus evolution here.

The theory of evolution is an undeniable fact, backed up by many fields of science. You can see it in action in the development of flu vaccines, which hinge on our ability to predict how the flu will evolve. By tracking the evolutionary trajectory of flu viruses, scientists are able to predict with remarkable accuracy which vaccines will work the best in the following season. The consistent success of the annual flu vaccine is a testament not just to medical ingenuity but to the concrete reality of evolutionary science at work.

Here’s a few books which are excellent for anyone to learn about this topic…


Moreover, the global scientific community’s acceptance of evolution transcends personal beliefs and is rooted in a robust body of evidence from genetics, the fossil record, and direct observation of species’ adaptations over time. Evolution’s validity doesn’t hinge on a single piece of evidence but is supported by a comprehensive findings across multiple fields of study.

The scientific method is predicated on observation, hypothesis, experimentation, and conclusion. Evolution meets these criteria through ample evidence: it is witnessed in real-time, hypotheses about it are rigorously tested and confirmed, experiments surrounding it are repeatable, and its theories are consistently validated. The absence of a dramatic spectacle of change does not equate to the absence of change itself. The proof of evolution is all around us, meticulously documented and accessible for anyone open to empirical truths. Are you open to the truth or is bias in favor of an archaic myth clouding your vision? Maybe it’s time to adopt some of what we’ve learned in the last few hundred years?