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House Speaker Mike Johnson is on the board of Ray Comfort’s publishing company

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From around 2005-2010, working alongside other atheist activists, we thoroughly refuted Ray Comfort in blogs, on youtube, and on our websites. We highlighted his inability to prove the existence of God, often directly engaging with him, in this case on a phone call, and in this case on an ABC Nightine Faceoff. It was clear that when faced with new information, such as the the human-caused evolution of modern bananas – a point he previously used to attribute to divine design – Ray was willing to accept evidence that he was wrong on minor points. He acknowledged he would drop the banana argument for its lack of soundness.

After our appearance on Nightline with Ray, where we showed how he was unable to prove the existence of God without using faith or the Bible (the terms he agreed to), he later stated that he would refrain from using those terms in the future. His willingness to move away from weak positions is indicative of someone who is able to change their mind when evidence presents itself. However, to my knowledge, all of Ray’s arguments have been refuted and yet he’s still attached to the overarching bronze-age myth of Christianity. It makes me wonder: Is Ray Comfort merely indoctrinated beyond reason, or is he a clever con-artist playing a role for profit and influence? What leads to him being fixed in his overall theology, swaying from smaller points, but never losing sight of the business model, I mean the overall theological picture?

The recent revelation that House Speaker Mike Johnson holds a board position at Ray Comfort’s Living Waters Publications is unsettling. Despite our hopes that Comfort’s influence would diminish under the weight of his repeatedly refuted arguments, it now appears that a man often dismissed as trivial by atheists, has disturbingly close ties to the man third in line to the White House.

Comfort’s notoriety for simplistic biblical rhetoric and street preaching, marked by a blend of ignorance and intolerance, especially regarding LGBTQ+ rights and women’s reproductive autonomy, stands in stark contrast to compassionate and inclusive values.

That a politician with Johnson’s influence would align with Ray Comfort’s brand of intolerant, relentless proselytizing of Christianity rings major alarm bells. This goes beyond mere misguided beliefs; it’s a direct assault on the inclusivity that defines America. Comfort’s years of public harassment are now frighteningly endorsed at a high level. As we approach future elections, it’s imperative to actively work to dismantle these regressive forces of power.

We’re faced with a sobering reminder of Christian Nationalism’s push in America. Let’s consider the potential repercussions for society and education if the Ray Comforts of the world gain access to power:

  • The constant undermining of individuals’ efforts to be good people, diminished by Comfort’s non-evidence-based belief system. He peddles the idea that salvation through Jesus, a man lacking contemporary and divine evidence, is paramount. The Bible itself, when scrutinized, reveals a series of logical impossibilities, and citing just one example here would understate the overwhelming evidence against it. In Comfort’s world, even minor transgressions condemn you unless you accept Jesus as your savior.
  • Comfort’s stubborn denial of evolution, despite understanding human contributions to the modern banana, is dishonest and harmful. Evolution, a foundational aspect of modern biology, is validated and relied upon globally for advancements in medicine, genetics, and ecology. Teaching Comfort’s worldview would be a regressive step, turning back the clock on scientific progress that benefits all humanity.
  • His perspective, filtered through the distortions of his Buy-Bull, is damaging. There’s no substantial evidence for concepts like sin, as presented in the Bible—a book that we can easily show as a logical impossibility. Yet, Comfort insists on making the LGBTQ+ community feel inferior and in need of salvation for simply being themselves. He equates homosexuality with sins like adultery and theft, promoting a dehumanizing, invalidating narrative that hinders societal progress, and makes so many of us feel worse about ourselves.

“I am such a big fan of your ministry and of you, and I cannot overstate what a profound influence you’ve been in my life and my walk with Christ and so many other people that I know and I’m just really grateful for all that you do and the team at Living Waters, It’s just one of the most outstanding ministries that I’ve ever known or been involved with and keep going brother. God is using you.” – House Speaker Mike Johnson to Ray Comfort on their podcast.

Ray Comfort’s presence in our society, as bothersome as it is, pales in comparison to the alarming closeness of his ignorant, obnoxious, and misguided views to the corridors of power. Join me in striving to diminish the influence of a Republican party intent on reversing societal progress.

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