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We Know Astrology is Ancient Nonsense

Astrology is an ancient refuted artifact

The belief in astrology represents a stark contradiction to a scientific understanding of the world and an egotistical interpretation of the cosmos. Astrology posits that celestial bodies influence human affairs, a claim lacking empirical validation.

Actual astrological claim: when Mercury is in retrograde, Geminis (people born May 21-June 20) may experience delays if renovating or moving. ?

Its predictions and character assessments are vague and not reliably reproducible, failing to meet the fundamental requirements for scientific claims.

Furthermore, endorsing astrology dismisses the rigorous standards of proof and falsifiability essential to the scientific method, undermining our collective pursuit of verifiable truth and understanding in a society that relies on reason and science. Alongside its scientific implausibility, astrology embodies an undercurrent of egotism, absurdly suggesting that the vast, complex cosmos has a direct influence on specks of life on this pale blue dot.

The idea that the alignment of distant stars and planets, trillions of miles away, intricately links to our daily experiences and traits is not only scientifically baseless but also inherently self-centered. This belief unjustifiably elevates human importance within the vast, indifferent universe, reducing the grandeur of astronomical phenomena to a mere backdrop for human-centric narratives.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the science:

This article discusses extensive tests, including one by India’s most famous astrophysicist, which confirm that astrology is a hoax. It mentions a test conducted by Bernie Silverman, a US doctoral student, in 1971. Silverman had taken the horoscopes of 2,978 happily married couples and 478 divorced or separated couples. The horoscopes of the couples were cast and two astrologers were asked to decide whether they were compatible. When astrological compatibility was compared with real life compatibility, it didn’t match.

This article mentions that a slew of studies looking at specific event predictions, Zodiac sign compatibilities and their professional inclinations, and astrologers’ abilities to match astrological profiles to individuals have resulted in devastating results for the profession’s credibility.

This article states that many studies have disproved that such astronomical bodies affect a person’s life according to their birthdates. Besides the correlation of the sun and the moon with weather patterns, connections between the alignment of astronomical bodies and human personalities is scientifically false.

Richard Dawkins program Enemies of Reason challenges the claims of Astrology, and exposes the ridiculous pretenses of its origin.

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