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My religious upbringing and a timeline

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Like all of you, I was born an atheist, with no belief or concept of any deities. At five, convinced by the most trusted voice in my life (my mother), I embraced the certainty of God’s existence. Delving into the Bible, early childood science, and observing the world, I evolved, and by eight, I was an agnostic Catholic—still within the church’s fold, yet questioning, and unaware that the term “agnostic Catholic” was an accurate description of my beliefs.

At thirteen, my mother, seeking a more vibrant faith, led us to a born-again Christian congregation. It was there I learned the secret salvation password—a prayer that promised heaven over hell, an irresistible offer for a young mind still steeped in maternal trust. So, I guess I became an agnostic Born-again Christian, whispering prayers to Jesus nightly and fervently wishing my father onto this ‘righteous’ path, the dread of his damnation a constant torment.

Science became my refuge, and over the years, it nudged me towards agnostic deism. Amidst this intellectual pilgrimage, I coexisted with my non-observant Jewish father, whose beliefs I now recognize as aligning with Spinoza’s or Einstein’s deistic interpretations.

Around twenty, curiosity led me to explore atheism online. It was Jake who help me untangle and escape from the lingering deism I didn’t realize I needed to shed. Within a week, I identified as an agnostic atheist—a label I once equated with evil, thanks to the indoctrination of my youth. That revelation, around 1998, set my resolve to challenge religious wrongs.

To my mother, should these words find you, reflect on this: The very faith you cherished played its part in our familial divide. Religion, in its zeal, and it’s zealots can sever family ties. My advocacy stems not only from my own experience of religious imposition but also from countless others who have similar stories of an upbringing resembling cultism. You’ve spent over two decades praying for my return to your world. Twenty years—what has that yielded?

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