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Speak out against PIPA

SOPA has been shelved (probably so they can try to pass something like SOPA in some other bill when nobody is looking).  Wikipedia has decided to participate in the blackout.  We will also take part in the blackout.  Now we must speak up against PIPA.  Spread the word, post about it everywhere, talk about it, get informed.

Here is an easy page to write and call your Senators about PIPA right now.

More information on PIPA


1 thought on “Speak out against PIPA”

  1. Hey, I’m not sure if you read these comments, but I couldn’t find an email address. So…

    Frank Walton is back – well, he never really left – and is currently stirring up things on youtube. Now under the name, “John Leonard” h’s served many with DMCAs – including me – and created harassing website – including one about me.

    I know he used to harass the rational response squad, and if you think you have any information that will help us track this nut job down, can you shoot me an email at [email protected] ?


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