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Rant after reading all of the Rush Limbaugh supporters

Christians don’t want their money going to contraception yet they wont fight to remove “In God We Trust” from the money that atheists must use. They wont ensure that atheists don’t have to give their tax dollars to faith based spending groups. It doesn’t even dawn on them that atheists might be offended at the notion that our tax dollars go to a faith based group.

They are out for self. They don’t truly embrace their fellow man. They tend to be pro war, and pro death penalty. They are against YOU having an abortion even if you know you will not be able to provide a good life for your baby. They want you to have that baby even if it is the product of a rape. The money that you put into the pool to save their life is willingly accepted by them, the money that you might need to save your life is fought tooth and nail by them. About 20% of people are on contraception for health reasons not related to purposes of avoiding a pregnancy. They don’t care.

Engaging in the Rush Limbaugh debate over the last few days shows me that many people support what he said. In fact they’re more mad that he apologized than they are that he made dishonest arguments in a vile fashion. How many of the Rush Limbaugh supporters are disgusted at Rush and his perverted idea that he should be allowed to watch video of women having sex because they need contraception?

We as a society would be better and stronger without their views yet you don’t hear about the army of atheists who want to refuse them the right to the funding that might save their life. That despicable quality is reserved for the religious person, and in this country predominantly the Christian.

Their ignorance and hypocrisy are disgusting. Even though they are a waste of air, I’d rather fight to educate them than to take away the funds that could save their life. Even though I know that educating someone that is as brainwashed as many of them are is nearly an impossible battle, I choose education over denial of funds, denial of life, denial of pursuit of liberty and happiness. They would deny you of all of those if they could, and they do try! They choose denial of funds. They choose the selfish route. They are out for self, they are a disgrace to the human race. Religion is a vile and evil concept that has corrupted the mind of man for far too long.

Poor critical thinking is the root of all evil. Religion is a byproduct of poor critical thinking, deceit, and a wee bit of evil. Today religious people have been hoodwinked by an archaic concept that contributes to many of the worlds problems. They don’t apply critical thought to their politics and their religion. They allow Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other scumbags to represent them and worse… convince them of nonsense without cross referencing any of it. They are sheep. They are dangerous to humanity, and I STILL WOULD SAVE THEIR LIFE! But they wont save yours.

Worst of all, they harm society in this way, all while claiming oppression.

And yes, I know these are generalizations. I know not everyone falls into this box, but many do. And the ones that do are the target of these statements.

This hypocrisy and lack of critical thought must stop. You must stand up and educate. Many of you do, you are my heroes, and my partners.

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  1. It could be that you just visited a site on that topic either pro-choice or anti-woman and the ad company is targeting people who did. Or maybe the ad company is targeting Rush Limbaugh posts, or something similar.

    I don’t choose the ads, I just use google. Advertisers have to pay for that space and the highest bidder wins. You can do something about it by buying ads on my site and outbidding them. Use and site target me. 🙂

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