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What all third party (and Trump) voters need to know

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This post was difficult to write however I felt I needed to open up for the benefit of third-party voters.  The primary aim of this post is to show #BernieOrBust, #JillNotHill, and other folks not voting for Hillary just how disgusted I was recently with Hillary.  I have overcome some of my pain because I know a vote for Hillary will save society from even worse scenarios.  I’ve been engaged in discussions with third-party voters on twitter and have found that a post like this was necessary for reasons that will become clear as you read on…

On March 6th, 2016 I said that Hillary is a “fucking lying scumbag.”  

Pissed at Hillary

Hillary, you fucking lying scumbag.

I still have those feelings however I have learned a special trick to suppressing them: Donald Trump.  I agree with “Art of the Deal” author Tony Schwartz when he explained why he believes Donald Trump is a sociopath.  Donald doesn’t care at all about Americans, in fact he’s incapable of it.  He’s an unintelligent, under-informed, bigoted, compulsive lying, egotistical hypocritical bully, sexually abusive, selfish, uncharitable, anti-science, anti-woman, anti-black, anti-immigrant, anti-peace, anti-constitutional (anti-american), anti-paying his fair share, psychopathic, fox news believing idiot, that has no idea how to run a business or a country… and he stiffs the people he hires. He is one of the worst people in the world.  He’s not what he wants people to believe he is, nor does he have as much money.

“I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.” – Tony Schwartz author of the 2nd best book of all time besides the Bible, Art of the Deal

If Donald Trump becomes President, it will instantly become the worst day of your life, whether you know it yet or not.  It may be the last time you ever get to vote as it could be the last election ever held in America, or what was previously known as America.  It certainly would assure that humans 30 years from now (if there are any left) will be fighting each other for food and the remaining land.  Trump is a scientific moron.   He’s said climate change is a Chinese hoax and that if it’s cold outside Earth must not be getting warmer.  You know who understands climate change and vows to fight it?  Hillary.

“Hillary Clinton will make solving the climate crisis a top national priority.  Her opponent, based on the ideas he has presented, would take us toward a climate catastrophe.”  – Al Gore

Climate change is the single most important issue of our time and it’s imperative that our next President continue the fight that Obama has started.  Will that third-party vote feel as morally decent if it leads to a Trump Presidency and drives the final nail into the coffin of Mother Earth?  Will your vote for Jill Stein feel good enough to get you through living in a Mad Max Thunder dome hellish planet?

You may be too young to have seen the effect of third party voting on Al Gore.  Had he been elected we’d have already made big inroads on climate change, and of course wouldn’t have fought a war on lies and allowed ISIS to form.  I get it though, there are so many problems with our system.  You want to make a big change, send a statement, and feel better about the person you’re voting for but this is not the election to throw your vote away.  I know, apparently they say that in every election.  This time it’s the case.

You may not know my history, however I’ve always hoped I could help get a third-party candidate elected.  I maintain a large community with a mailing list of over 20,000 readers that I hope to mobilize one day towards a candidate that will buck the system, close the income gap, not engage in cronyism or accept lobbyist money, embrace the Constitution, all Americans, and be honest!  Sometimes we get a few of those traits in our leaders, but it’s very rare to get all of them. My point is that I’ve said many times that I want to elect a third-party candidate, I believe our two-party system is hurting us, and that we’ve got to fight it.  A word of advice, the best way to help third-party candidates for President is to get them elected in lower positions first!

“I have always had the thought in the back of my head that someday the Rational Response Squad site would be in a position to help affect the outcome of an election where a third-party candidate had a chance.  I’d vote third-party if I really felt the 2 parties were almost the same, and the third-party candidate had 5-10% of the vote possibilities.” – Brian Sapient From Nov 6, 2012

This year I believed Bernie was the closest thing we’ve had to the perfect candidate in a long time, possibly even the best candidate to ever run for office.  During the primary I campaigned hard for Bernie.  I despised Hillary, and Trump warrants whatever hate we have towards Hillary magnified by thousands.  I believe that both Hillary and Trump are the nominees of their party due in large part because we live in a society where name recognition goes further than research. Most people don’t research political candidates as deeply as they should.  The same can be said of many third-party voters as well.  I’ve discussed the third-party candidates with quite a few third-party voters that didn’t know their candidates views that well and in some cases weren’t even willing to mention who their candidate was.  The best news I can give you is that Bernie is already pushing ahead with the ideas that he had worked into the democratic platform.  He’s going to start pushing the Senate to deliver democratic platform bills to Hillary that she’s stated she’ll sign off on.

This is not the election to play games.  It is vital that we elect Hillary Clinton and live another day. 

Assume for a moment the almost baseless conspiracy theories about Hillary are true.  Let’s say she murdered a bunch of people and received money from people who hate women for her foundation.  Let’s assume she laughed at someone who was raped, and let’s assume that she is mostly telling us only what we want to hear.  Let’s also assume she slept through Benghazi because she just doesn’t care, and that she used a personal email server because she doesn’t care about National security.  As I write this, I realize how stupid the sum of it sounds, however my point is that it would still be mandatory that we don’t have a Trump presidency.  That’s how bad he is.  He’s hundreds of times worse than that.  It isn’t even close.  And if you don’t vote for Hillary, you are voting for the worst person to ever run for the Presidency.

For a while my biggest gripe with Hillary was that she says whatever is politically expedient.  She changed her position on gay marriage only after the majority of Americans did.  She also adopted many of Bernie’s positions only after she saw how popular Bernie was.  And she’s left us to wonder if she’s just paying lip service.  What I’m about to say is a stretch.  I’m saying it because I know as a decent person that cares about others I have to vote for Hillary or the end of civilization may be on my hands.  However… isn’t it a good thing that she’ll actually take the time to find out what we want to hear?  She actually takes the time to prepare for things, as opposed to her counterpart who comes up with bigoted moronic shit without any contemplation or deep thought at every turn.  Hillary studies.  If her aim is power and she’s prepared to govern based on what the majority of Americans want, isn’t that what we should want?

The impetus for this post was initially contrived because I was discussing my necessary vote for Hillary on twitter and a few third-party voters stated I was a Hillbot.  I thought, how funny, you don’t know anything about me, and can’t defend your viewpoint, so you’ll refer to me as a blind Hillary supporter.  The truth is the opposite.  I have to work hard to seek out the reasons that make me content about my superhero duties.  It’s up to me to save the planet from Donald Drumpf and unfortunately I have to pull the lever for someone I have said many nasty things about and you might not know that.  This might sound like what I would say if I was a Hillbot.  And since I mentioned how we have a difficult time researching (something Hillary does not) I’ve decided to do the research for you and provide a chronological timeline of some of the things I’ve said about Hillary in the last 7 months.


Hillary Bernie Sanders

Hillary was pretending to adopt Bernie’s positions as a political ploy



Trump is the worst candidate ever, we’re forced to vote for Hillary. (if you want to save us from World War 3)


overcoming these feelings

It’ll be a painful day voting for Hillary


Begging HRC voters to research her further.

Begging HRC voters to research her further.


Hopefully #BernieOrBust folks will change their mind by election day

(It’s imperative they change their mind)

Worst voting experience of my life

Worst voting experience of my life

… yet we have to vote for Hillary to keep out Drumpf.

I really was literally sick thinking I'd have to vote for HRC

I really was literally sick thinking I’d have to vote for HRC

… and I’ll do so because it’s my duty as a decent person.

It was hard to tell the difference between HRC and Trump. Now it's easy.

It was hard to tell the difference between HRC and Trump. Now it’s easy.


Rudest I've ever been to a longtime friend

William Hamby says he’ll believe Bernie has integrity only after Convention


Voting for Hillary will make Sapient sick

On what will #BernieOrBust people do after Bernie endorses HRC



Our victory is that the Democratic platform has a lot of Bernie in it.

Did you read it?  Here is the Democratic platform due in large part to Bernie.

A friend goes through the same painful progression.

A friend goes through the same painful progression.


Now that you see how much I’ve hated Hillary, please understand it’s imperative that I suppress those feelings in order to ensure that a loose cannon bigoted idiotic asshole never becomes President.  Just tell yourself she’s the most qualified candidate ever (true) and that she studies.  You’re not voting for Hillary, you’re voting to get the chance at voting in the future.  You’re voting to live another day and give the change you want a chance to happen.  And for you Bernie fans, you’re voting for Bernie to control the Senate and push Hillary to enact all of his policies!

As of November 1st ABC/Wash Post Tracking polls prove that any third party vote is a vote for Trump.  Be the bigger person, don’t destroy civilization, vote Hillary.

Clinton losing votes to Johnson and Stein may cost her the election... and all of us, our way of life.

Clinton losing votes to Johnson and Stein may cost her the election… and all of us, our way of life.

3 thoughts on “What all third party (and Trump) voters need to know”

  1. This is crap. Hillary Clinton is just as bad Trump. As a matter of fact, I think she’s actually worse!

    Hillary Clinton is one of the two principles in the biggest corruption racket and money laundering scheme in the history of the world.

    I’m even more concerned by Hillary’s record of backing war and regime change, now to the point of war with Russia. General Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said a no fly zone in Syria means war with Russia.

    So even as a trans person moving to Tennessee I’m far more willing to get through four years of a Trump presidency–which will energize progressives to sweep Congress in the midterms–than allow a racketeer in the White House.

  2. Hillary needs to get mental help. If she wins, I will run against her in 2020, and I invite all progressives to join me. We will take our country back for the 99 percent! #Laurel2020

  3. Nicole and Laurel,

    Thanks for not voting for Hillary. That looks like it’ll really work out. Trump’s energy policy will speed up climate change, his education team will minimize scientific teaching, and his supporters now have steam behind their racism and bigotry. They are about to nominate a SCOTUS judge that will take away womens rights to proper healthcare, and will soon overturn gay marriage.

    But after America is destroyed… maybe we’ll have a progressive in 4 years! If there is an America!


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