Please donate to help assist victims of sexual assault

Please donate to help end sexual abuse and assist victims of sexual assault.

1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men will become a victim of sexual assault. Recent developments in the 2016 election have rekindled the problem of sexual abuse in a National conversation. We’ve seen the video of Trump bragging about sexually abusing women, and we’ve since heard from many of the women he’s sexually abused. Donald Trump has referred to his sex crimes as “locker room talk.” Sadly this has added insult to injury to men that were already disgusted by Trump.

Trump has now led women to believe that other men actually talk like this in the “locker room.” This bothers me and all the good men in America. I’ve been in locker rooms all my life and I’ve never heard another man brag about sexually assaulting a woman. I’ve played well over a thousand rounds of golf, and visited the locker room. I’ve played basketball and soccer and have been in the locker room another 100 times with athletes playing those sports, and I’ve never heard a man brag about kissing a woman when he sees her, and not waiting for her consent. I’ve been in a health club locker room over 300 times and I’ve never heard a man talk about grabbing a woman in a way that would put him in jail if he was recorded doing what he was saying (grab her by the p***y).

On top of all of this, there was even an article from another man that claimed “many men talk like Donald Trump in private. And only other men can stop them.” There is so much wrong with this statement. Absolutely not! Many men don’t talk like Trump. As we’ve heard from a great many professional athletes this week, none of them relate to the notion that locker rooms sound like this. And let’s just get this straight… locker room is code for “men in private.” “Many men” don’t brag about sexually abusing women in private, locker room or not. The author of this piece believes that only other men can stop “it.” And that’s just not the case, everyone in society plays a role. In fact, women play just as much of a role if not even more of a role.

I believe the author of the above piece may have unfortunately conflated objectification of women and sexual predation. Objectification of women is rampant, that is certain. However objectification of women is nothing like rape. Both issues should be addressed, but Trump’s actions are criminal and objectification of the opposite sex isn’t. Yes, we should all work to value people for more than just sex, but that’s not anywhere in the realm of using your power to sexually abuse someone else. And let’s leave objectifying others there for now.

Back to the issue that Donald Trump brings up (sexual assault and evil towards women). Trump is a misogynist, he calls women names simply because she exposes his disgusting views(Alicia Machado) or his moronic thoughts(Rosie O’Donnell). He thinks he can do whatever he wants to women and get away with it.

Thankfully almost none of you have ever heard a man talk like Donald Trump did on that tape when he admitted to sexual crimes. But we can all do something about this. Let’s agree to speak out much like this, let’s agree to make statements against his form of megalomaniac abuse. Let’s agree that on that first day of your life that you’re unlucky enough to be in the presence of an asshole that admits to sexual abuse, you say something to that jackass and make sure he/she knows just how strongly you feel about how small of a person they are.

How else can you send a message?

Please donate to help women affected by sexual violence


Now for a moment, let’s go back to objectification of the opposing sex. Both women and men are guilty of it, and although I don’t have a poll I would assume that men are guilty of it more than women. The article I referenced above incorrectly posited that only men can do something about it. It’s important for women to know that while some men play a role in the reduction of objectification, most men learn about the harm of objectifying women from other women. We often learn from hearing other women speak (youtube, tv, radio, etc…) or we learn from them telling us directly. We learn from women that it hurts to be objectified and that they feel gross when we treat them like they are simply sex objects. So women… keep it up. Let men know how it makes you feel, we’re listening and learning.

“You can not be President if you call someone a piggy.” – A 6 year old (as told to us by Michelle Obama)

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Stores open/closed on Thanksgiving

The following is a list of stores that were closed or open on Thanksgiving day today.  While I’m not the biggest fan of the origins of Thanksgiving I am a big believer that people should have time to unwind especially on a day when families traditionally get together.  The only decent argument from consumers for opening on Thanksgiving is that these lower income retail workers need the extra work and in some cases get paid extra for the holiday.  My response?  These massive corporations should recognize the value in mentally healthy employees and just pay them for the day off… even the part timers.  The morale boost is worth it especially entering the busiest time of the year for these retailers.  I will be boycotting the stores open on Thanksgiving until at least January 1st so that their 4th quarter earnings doesn’t show a penny of my money.

Stores CLOSED on Thanksgiving   Stores OPEN on Thanksgiving
worthy of shopping at   worthy of boycott
A.C. Moore Bealls
Babies R Us Belk Black
Barnes and Noble Best Buy
Bed Bath & Beyond Bonton
Big 5 Sporting Goods Burkes
BJs Dicks Sporting Goods
Burlington Dollar General
Cabelas Family Dollar
Christopher and Banks Farm and Home Supply
Costco Five Below
Crate and Barrel Gander Mountain
Dillard’s Goodys
DSW Gordmans
Fred Meyer HH Gregg
Freds JCPenney
Game Stop Kmart
Golf Galaxy Kohl’s
Golfsmith Macys
Half Price Books Meijer
Harbor Freight Michaels
HEB Stores Modell’s Sporting Goods
Joann OfficeDepot
Marshalls Peebles
Menards RadioShack
Neiman Marcus Reeds Jewelers
Nordstrom Sears
P.C. Richard & Son Sears Outlet
Patagonia Shopko
PepBoys Sports Authority
Petco Stage Stores
Petsmart Target
Pier 1 Imports Toys R Us
Raymour & Flanigan Walmart
Sam’s Club
Sportsman’s Warehouse
TJ Maxx
Tractor Supply
True Value

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This gun store will surprise you…

A gun store recently raised awareness in a unique way…

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Snowden Humanist – Nyad atheist – Atheist Site list

This week I found out Edward Snowden is an agnostic humanist, and Diana Nyad is an atheist.

We have re-opened posting on the Atheism United wiki, it was closed due to uncontrollable spam.  Over the years many people have asked me to put a link to their website on this site or one of the other sites I manage.  My solution was to help all atheist sites by making the longest list of atheist sites ever created.  I can always use your help, even if just to be a watchful eye attacking spammers.  Please link to the list on your own blogs and sites.  Why?

When someone searches for information on atheism, many of the sites that come up are full of nonsense from a theistic perspective.  This page will increase the relevance of all atheist sites in those searches.  This way some of the good stuff will be a little higher in the search results.  The more people that link to the atheist link list, the more it increases the rank of every site. This list doesn’t play favorites, we list ’em all.  If you own an atheist themed site, I want to help it grab more readers!


Also, if you are reading this but are unable to post on Rational Responders due to a recent rendering error for some users, try another browser.  I am only able to post with Firefox right now.  Find me on twitter, g+, or facebook.

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Democrats asking me for money so they can run government?!

Quite a few #Republicans should be out of a job because of their negligence. I want to fight back. But I refuse to accept this idea from the DNC that a donation will do the job. Democrats don’t need my money to do their job. They will get their paychecks tomorrow even when others will not. The democrats must learn how to respond to the dishonest tactics of Republicans better. When the Republicans say “the american people want this” someone needs to be there to say “actually polls show the american people don’t want this.”

You don’t need my money to fight something that the Republicans promised to their base. The Republicans promised gleefully they would shut the government down as a tactic. They are getting what they want… the destruction of America so they can get their own sick twisted ideological goals based on a misinterpretation of a bronze age book and whoever is willing to give them the most money.

Here is how they asked for money:


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Republicans killing America(ns)

On a scale of 1-10 how mad are you at the Republican party for holding us hostage, risking our credit rating, and trying to restrict us from affordable health care?  I am a 10.  It makes me sick that they are treating our fiscal health and literal health like a game.  Oh how ironic, I’m sick… I don’t have health insurance!

Let the Republicans know you will not be voting for them in the future.  Here are some of their twitter feeds.

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