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Tyler Henry is great at this

How do we explain Tyler Henry?

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The existence of celebrity mediums like Tyler Henry simply alerts us to the fact that people are easily misled into believing in supernatural claims, even while such claims lack any scientific credibility.

What do we know about every element that goes into producing a Tyler Henry TV segment? We likely don’t know much about the production elements that could give Tyler the ability to “cheat.” However, we do know some of the ways that mediums make their trickery seem real…

Interacting with religious people

When interacting with religious individuals, do you view them as naive or silly?

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When interacting with religious individuals, I view their beliefs critically, recognizing that these beliefs often stem from indoctrination and compartmentalization, rather than evidence-based reasoning. They may seem ignorant or silly in practice, but understanding that they are often victims of religious indoctrination helps us recognize that they are worthy of our help.

Unveiling the Truth: How the Church Resisted Science for Centuries

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There’s a trend among theists to argue that the Church embraces science, but this revisionist and biased mindset overlooks the reality of the Church’s delayed, rather than proactive, pursuit of scientific truth. They reluctantly acknowledge critical facts about our existence only in the face of overwhelming evidence, and often many years after such science has become so universally accepted that their opposition places them in a fringe minority.

House Speaker Mike Johnson is on the board of Ray Comfort’s publishing company

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The recent revelation that House Speaker Mike Johnson holds a board position at Ray Comfort’s Living Waters Publications is unsettling. That a politician with Johnson’s influence would align with Ray Comfort’s brand of intolerant, relentless proselytizing of Christianity rings major alarm bells. This goes beyond mere misguided beliefs; it’s a direct assault on the inclusivity that defines America. Comfort’s years of public harassment are now frighteningly endorsed at a high level. As we approach future elections, it’s imperative to actively work to dismantle these regressive forces of power.

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