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Open letter to Christians against gay marriage

I recently had an exchange with a Christian friend who was “disgusted” at the states that approved gay marriage. He believes the people that voted for it are “disgraceful.”  Christian disapproval of gay marriage was the impetus behind this open letter that will hopefully open the eyes of a few of my Christian readers.

Marriage was initially created by men many years ago to control women, at a time much more archaic than the time we live in now.  It was created at a time that we would stone someone for being gay as well as for cursing at their parents.  Many things have changed in society since marriage was first created.  We now are able to traverse the planet to find a mate and no longer need to claim one within walking distance as our property.  Today marriage is viewed much differently… so is stoning.   Let’s not forget how different society is for all of you folks who insist on a biblical interpretation of marriage.

Marriage today is considered a formal legal agreement.  An agreement that governments have decided warrants some special privileges.   Sure, I get that your religion defines marriage as between a man and a woman but governments are starting to strip that portion and simply define it as an agreement or contract between two people to live as a married couple.  The contract allows two people that are in love to unite in a lifelong bond that affords them certain rights they would not otherwise be afforded.  Governments throughout history have slowly moved away from biblical interpretation of the law as it is outdated and irrelevant.  We no longer allow slavery, we recognize it as inhumane… the men who created your silly bible story apparently didn’t.  We choose to live in a world governed by sanity and fairness, not a 2000 year old book that condones slavery and violence.

When you complain about gay marriage, even consider it “disgraceful” you are taking a stance against a couple that wants to proclaim their love for life and wants the same benefits that married couples receive.  They receive certain health care benefits, tax benefits, and the ability to visit their partner’s deathbed.

Your stance is uniquely anti-human if you aren’t willing to afford gay couples the same rights that you receive as a heterosexual couple.  Your discrimination and hate is defended by using a book written by ignorant drugged up lunatics in an attempt to monopolize power and profit over the even more illiterate masses.

Your god is supposed to be all knowing and all powerful.  He knew this day would come.  He knew a time would come where decent people would be forced to take a stance that allows this “sin” or be forced to face the fact that they have an indecent opinion.  Your anti-gay stance is indecent, it is shameful and sad that it is based on a book full of contradictions and mistakes; a book that any reasonable intelligent person who is honest with themselves must admit is nonsense.  You might as well base your opinions on Peter Cottontail.

As a straight man that loves women and couldn’t possibly ever envision myself with another man I have a hard time relating to someone who would.  Frankly it’s not my thing.  But a homosexual person may feel the same way about my heterosexual preferences.  I understand that as a decent citizen of this planet I am no more entitled to the legal advantages of love as someone who falls in love with someone of the same sex.  And you might say you think being gay is a choice, but we do have scientific reasons for believing people are born gay.  The science leads us to believe that homosexuals don’t make a choice to be gay.  There are countless examples of gay acts in the animal kingdom, did they have peer pressure or learn it on TV?  One further scientific reason to believe that people are born gay: ask gay people all over the globe if they chose it!  I should not be granted rights that I would discriminate away from someone else.  You don’t deserve the special rights you are afforded through marriage if you are unwilling to accept others who want the same.

Let’s pretend for a moment that the inconceivably ridiculous god concept you believe in is true, then we must admit that God created people knowing full well that they would be biologically predisposed to attraction to people of the same sex.  He knew full well before he created a single atom that he would bring people into existence that was biologically born gay and therefore born with the purpose of “letting him down.”  He knew he had the power to stop it and was supposedly all loving.  He didn’t change his plan nor did he stop this injustice before it happened.  He created people in such a way that he knew they couldn’t possibly fulfill his plan and would serve an eternity in the hell that he allowed to exist.  And don’t say that stopping this “disgraceful” gay person from being born this way would have taken away free will.  It wouldn’t have removed free will any less than him not granting you certain other biological traits have.  Do you have the ability to shoot laser beams out of your eyes or jump 50 feet high?  No.  Apparently god has limited your ability biologically.  Why didn’t he limit us (and all the other animals) biologically to be heterosexual?  Why did he let gays exist even though he considers it “sin?”  Why?  I know why, BECAUSE YOUR GOD DOESN’T EXIST.  It’s time for you to leave the bronze ages and accept gay marriage.  And if my arguments didn’t persuade you, keep in mind that if you don’t accept gay marriage gay men will marry your girlfriends.

Luke 17:34-35 I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left. Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

This is a re-post from my blog at Rational Responders.

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Atheist autograph book collection for sale

In an attempt to raise money to help cover costs associated with our network of atheist sites (ie Celebatheists and RationalResponders), I have decided to sell some of my personal collection of autographed books and items.  Everything is priced very fairly compared to other similar items on Ebay.  Thanks for looking, and thanks for any purchases you make.  Most of the items were signed in my presence.  If they were not, they were sent to me directly by the person who signed.  This is a great way for you to donate to RRS and the upcoming Atheism United and get something back for your donation.  Other atheist books are available at our Amazon store.

All items are currently at Amazon warehouse and will be fulfilled and handled by Amazon’s excellent customer service. 

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Rant after reading all of the Rush Limbaugh supporters

Christians don’t want their money going to contraception yet they wont fight to remove “In God We Trust” from the money that atheists must use. They wont ensure that atheists don’t have to give their tax dollars to faith based spending groups. It doesn’t even dawn on them that atheists might be offended at the notion that our tax dollars go to a faith based group.

They are out for self. They don’t truly embrace their fellow man. They tend to be pro war, and pro death penalty. They are against YOU having an abortion even if you know you will not be able to provide a good life for your baby. They want you to have that baby even if it is the product of a rape. The money that you put into the pool to save their life is willingly accepted by them, the money that you might need to save your life is fought tooth and nail by them. About 20% of people are on contraception for health reasons not related to purposes of avoiding a pregnancy. They don’t care.

Engaging in the Rush Limbaugh debate over the last few days shows me that many people support what he said. In fact they’re more mad that he apologized than they are that he made dishonest arguments in a vile fashion. How many of the Rush Limbaugh supporters are disgusted at Rush and his perverted idea that he should be allowed to watch video of women having sex because they need contraception?

We as a society would be better and stronger without their views yet you don’t hear about the army of atheists who want to refuse them the right to the funding that might save their life. That despicable quality is reserved for the religious person, and in this country predominantly the Christian.

Their ignorance and hypocrisy are disgusting. Even though they are a waste of air, I’d rather fight to educate them than to take away the funds that could save their life. Even though I know that educating someone that is as brainwashed as many of them are is nearly an impossible battle, I choose education over denial of funds, denial of life, denial of pursuit of liberty and happiness. They would deny you of all of those if they could, and they do try! They choose denial of funds. They choose the selfish route. They are out for self, they are a disgrace to the human race. Religion is a vile and evil concept that has corrupted the mind of man for far too long.

Poor critical thinking is the root of all evil. Religion is a byproduct of poor critical thinking, deceit, and a wee bit of evil. Today religious people have been hoodwinked by an archaic concept that contributes to many of the worlds problems. They don’t apply critical thought to their politics and their religion. They allow Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other scumbags to represent them and worse… convince them of nonsense without cross referencing any of it. They are sheep. They are dangerous to humanity, and I STILL WOULD SAVE THEIR LIFE! But they wont save yours.

Worst of all, they harm society in this way, all while claiming oppression.

And yes, I know these are generalizations. I know not everyone falls into this box, but many do. And the ones that do are the target of these statements.

This hypocrisy and lack of critical thought must stop. You must stand up and educate. Many of you do, you are my heroes, and my partners.

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Theory of inherent dishonesty in theism

I have written a little post up about the theory of inherent dishonesty in theism for purposes of clarity.  Should you choose to use it, please link to the page at Rational Responders.


The theory of inherent dishonesty in theism can be seen whenever a theist defends belief in god.  The theory explains that while defending belief in god a theist must act ignorant dishonest or both.

There has never been an honest and intelligent defense of theism.  This theory has been observed in every atheist/theist debate since the theory was originally coined around the year 2000.  This page will be updated if an argument arises on behalf of theism that is both honest and based on factual data.

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Speak out against PIPA

SOPA has been shelved (probably so they can try to pass something like SOPA in some other bill when nobody is looking).  Wikipedia has decided to participate in the blackout.  We will also take part in the blackout.  Now we must speak up against PIPA.  Spread the word, post about it everywhere, talk about it, get informed.

Here is an easy page to write and call your Senators about PIPA right now.

More information on PIPA

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Christopher Hitchens had the guts to speak up when under assault.  He never gave up.  His strength was astounding.

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